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A Donation is made from every sale of  products from this website

to help fund street children projects worldwide.

Right now, millions of children, often as young as five, are struggling to survive on city streets. In many cases it is because they have been abandoned or orphaned. Without any love or guidance, sometimes the only way to survive is through prostitution or dangerous work. They are forced to fend for themselves, they have no childhood at all.

I will donate a portion of the profit from every sale of products from the Counsellinghelp web site to help these children.


to go to the UNICEF website.

Charity Donations Made from Sales through the Counsellinghelp Website

Many of the pages on this website offer books and CD’s especially written and recorded by myself. Also available are downloadable e-books and audio MP3 files.

These products are affordable, comprehensive and will address specific problems as an aid to self help.


UNICEF works in the UK to champion children’s rights, win support and raise money for their work with children everywhere. For over 60 years UNICEF has been the world’s leading organisation for children, working to help them survive and thrive from early childhood through adolescence.

Throughout their work, UNICEF is guided by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which sets out the rights of all children to be free from exploitation, violence and abuse. UNICEF is the largest global organisation working specifically for children and their rights.

UNICEF works with families, communities and governments in more than 190 countries worldwide to help every child reach their full potential through long-term and emergency work on health care, education and protection for children at risk.

UNICEF Values and Beliefs

Their work is underpinned by a shared commitment to UNICEF’s vision, mission and beliefs, and to their organisational values. These are to be child focused, effective, cooperative, challenging, rights based and to act with integrity.

UNICEF believe that every child has the right to the best possible start in life. It is wrong for children to die needlessly; it is imperative to prevent their unnecessary deaths. Every child has the right to the highest standards of health and education. It is imperative to work to attain these standards.

Every child possesses rights inherent equal to every other child’s. It is imperative to defend all children from violence, exploitation and discrimination. To protect the rights of every child, and invest in her or his well-being, is the surest way to end poverty and to build peace and security in the world.

It is possible to give every child a good start in life. The world can, if it chooses, ensure that every child grows and develops to their full, human potential.

Children are citizens of the communities and the societies that they live in. Their voices should be heard and their opinions heeded by all.

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