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Online Payment

Payment Can Be Easily Made Online

Paying for  your counselling session online  is  simple and uncomplicated.

You can pay by Credit Card

or Debit Card

or even use your PayPal account.

Choose the payment you wish to make and just click on the “Add to Cart”  button and you will be taken to the payment page where you can review your order and choose your method of payment.

The details you submit will remain totally private and confidential, The VeriSafe® Trusted Site Seal ensures credibility in the online world by visually reassuring you that this site’s identity has been verified and that it is secured with SSL.

Payment for Counselling /Psychotherapy Sessions

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* Unfortunately, when paying for your session using the website, there is a processing fee made in addition, as detailed above. This is the surcharge made to me by the financial institution that processes payment.

When you have completed your payment, I will receive notification of that payment and shortly after you will receive an email confirming your payment . This will also serve as your receipt.

To avoid the surcharge made when paying for your session using the website, your payment can be made by BACS and sent to the account name: Mindscape Ltd. sort code: 09 01 50. Account number 03802051.

You could use your name or initials as the reference.

Payments made via the website or by BACS should be paid the day before the session

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